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*Professional Network Documentation services

 make sure your environment has good documentation to prepare for future growth or disaster recovery services.

*Document your  environment

Good inventory practices

Know your environment inside and out,

*Support Documents for applications

Avoid downtime by preparing rebuild or installation documents Contact an account specialist now (732)477-3814 for more information.





*IT Staffing (long and short term)

*IT Manager services

*Database Design and support

*Network Infrastructure Design

*Performance monitoring

*Help Desk Services

*24X7 support services

*Remote support services

*Network Monitoring

*Network & Systems Administration

*Environmental documenting

*Disaster recovery planning

*Systems Integration

*System Administration

*System Engineering

*Technical Documentation

*Technical Support

*Technical Training

*Wireless Networking

*Web Development

*Off Site Backup Storage

*Computer redundancy planning









Contract and non contract service rates available.  Contact an account specialist now (732) 477-3814 for more information.*

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